How Fast Growing Real Estate Agencies able to Sell more Properties In Less Time?

We will tell you step by step Secretes of how they are doing

These are the few Major problems every traditional Real Estate agency Faces


Its Difficult to follow up instantly when Leads are Scattered in different websites (Zillow, MLS, website, etc )

There is no common platform where he can able to see all the leads from different sources

Don’t worry our we help you to Gather all your leads from different systems and Pull in to our CRM which made your work easy


Its Time Taking to Assign Leads to the concern Agent based on type of Property and Location

It is difficult to assign Leads based on agent availability and Experience in particular property

With 10xRealty you can able to assign the leads to your agents based on the location budget and type of property to Right person at right time to give the Right personalized Sales pitch


Its Tedious Taking to Know whether agent have the Proper follow up and know the response from the customer

Automatically create a follow up to the available team and record the response

With 10x reality CRM Automatic Lead assignment to agent when you get the lead from different sources and Create a task to Follow up and record the response


Its impossible to identify valuable Customer from the leads to prioritize the efforts of Sales team

With Automatic Lead score System you can able to identify the Worthful leads who are more interested

Close more deals in lesser time With automatic Lead scoring system you sales team will able able to Prioritize the leads so that they can put the efforts to close the deals fast in lesser time unlike wasting time on Properties Enquires


I don’t have System to educate my old leads about the new properties in their area

Educating the old leads on new properties updates in their Area will make them to think about and convert as a Customers with out acquiring any new leads

Build lasting relationships with property buyers

With our 10x Reality your old leads never miss the Property Updates in their area at their budget With our crm will automatically send the new property Updates to old leads when ever it meets their criteria


I don’t have in Depth Analytics about Lead Sources Project performance and Agent Performance to take the Wise Decisions

Get detailed report on Leads performance, agent performance, Commissions, Project/Area performance

Technology is Rewriting the Rules Creating the opportunities for one who adopt it Eliminating one who Don’t  


                                                                                        — Warren Buffet 

How much its costing by not Updating to the new system?

Not Having the Perfect system Is Costing You $$$

Who is the responsible

for opportunity loss in your organization

  • Broker
  • Agents?
  • Marketing Manager?

You should not blame any one, because sometimes they not aware of opportunity loss happening by not adopting to new systems & Technological and they don’t know how to use it, because they don’t want to come out of their comfort zone, but ultimately company as a whole will suffer for not adopting to the new system. There will be no change If something is not challenging you. Come on You are on the right path Join hands with us we will take you to the next Level

After pain points Discussion and we will give a Road map to your Successes

What's the Solution

Follow up! Don’t leave your leads hanging. If you think you’re busy, then you’re not moving fast enough. Call those leads back, it’s your road to success.

  • This can be achieved only when you have a  Right system 
  • at Right time to
  • deliver Right Message

After pain points Discussion and we will give a Road map to your Successes

How to Fix?

Don’t Worry with 10xReality will help you increase your Conversion ratio By completely automating the System which runs on auto pilot mode and made your Work easy and Completely focusing on Customer Engagement rather than juggling with the unorganized system

Who we are?

We are not just Software Vendors We are a Group of Real estate Consultants and Technology Consultants after Consulting with the 150+ Real estate Companies/ agencies we understood their pain points and searched for the Solutions,

But unfortunately we couldn’t able to find any one who was providing the END to END Solutions for our clients. That’s why we thought if designing on our own and came up with the 10X Reality

We know the pain points of Real estate Agents/ Companies that’s why we come up with the End to End Solution from

lead to keys-in-hand with 10x Reality CRM

What If You Could Rely On An Expert To Guide You & Implement the Solution & Train your Team ?

What if We can guide your team through a proven process so you can save months of USELESS iterations?


If you are suffering from disease you will approach doctor not the Pharmacy

Like wise if you are Struggling to grow approach a CRM consultant before approaching the Software vendor

  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Technical implementation
  • Team Training 
  • Hand holding to accelerate Growth 

Someone With Experience In Consulting & Implementing it?

This is the type of experience that you won’t have internally. There’s no official title for it and it takes years to learn it without help. 

What others Do?
  • They wont provide any consultation they are just software companies
  • They just install to the extent of what their CRM supports
  • They just do Technical implementation and not much aware about Real estate Business
  • They don’t do Customizations what business demands
How we different from others?
  • We built the system which for fast growing real estate agencies/companies
  • We wont limit our self just for what we give
  • We do customization according to the needs of the Business

We've heard things like

We are Uber for Real estate CRM Next level of Customer Experience

How 30 mins can change your Business

Real Estate CRM buyer's guide

Stepwise CRM evaluation and selection details

This Opportunity to work with us is not for every one

We only work with my ideal clients (because I can). I have some criteria for them, do you qualify?

To Help Your Team Apply & Implement A Proven Process That Converts?

Stepwise CRM evaluation and selection details

Why teach your team?

Stepwise CRM evaluation and selection detailsaBecause it has a lasting impact. Once your team learns my process you can constantly improve and make changes without my help! 10x more valuable

This is our secret

my unique advantage and why our clients get great results.

“What’s the Next Step?”

Let's jump on a quick call so I can better understand your situation and recommend you the best solution.

The Goals Of This Call?

  • Diagnose your problems and growth opportunities
  • See if there’s a fit (in terms of availability, stage, product …) 
  • Recommend you the ideal solution based on your company, niche, stage and some other factors… 

If You Don’t, Someone Else Will!

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