Zoho One

Is Zoho a good fit: If you’re debating about whether or not Is Zoho a good fit for your organization, the following statement may shock you, especially coming from one of Zoho’s Authorized Partner in the country:

 Zoho is NOT for everyone. It may not be for you.

Yep, that is correct. In fact, here at GO10X, we often end up recommending against the use of Zoho for many of the clients that approach us. The reason for this is very simple.

Just like any tool, Zoho must be managed properly in order to get the desired results. This means strategy, effort, and a clear plan. Plus, there is a monetary investment involved.

Beyond these components, Zoho, like any other automated marketing software, has its limitations with certain areas. If you’re considering using Zoho with your organization, here are a few of the questions you should be asking about Is Zoho a good fit:

  • Would the Zoho CRM, CRM Plus or Zoho One be best solution for our company?
  • Who within our organization will learn to use Zoho and how many others will be involved in our inbound marketing efforts?
  • How do Zoho’s tools (lead tracking, finance management, email marketing,  helpdesk, HR Management, social media management, etc.) compare to the existing tools we are using?
  • Will it benefit us more to use multiple tools to reach our marketing goals or are we better offer using an all-in-one software like a Zoho?
  • Should we use the Zoho Mail for our business or stick with our existing G Suite account?
  • How much efforts from your team needed to build a build a perfect solution for your business to deliver great customer experience?
  • Should we import our existing contacts into Zoho or are we better off keeping our old database separate and creating a new one?
  • Should we use the Zoho Sites for our business or stick with our existing wordpress site?

As anyone can surely tell, CRM and business productivity tools is a big deal to us here at GO10X, and our goal is to always identify the right solution based on the needs, goals, size, and constraints of the organizations and brands we work with.

If you’re debating as to what tools you should be using to Run, Grow and Transform your business, and if you’d like a frank assessment as to the value of Zoho for your organization, contact us here at GO10X by filling out the form below.

(Note** In order to make the most effective use of your time and keep these demos less than 30 minutes each, we have made the following form somewhat detailed, therefore enabling us to quickly identify your current needs, struggles, and goals. Unless you take the time to fill out this form completely, we will be unable to set up the Free demo.)