Job Details
Job Title

IT Business Analyst Trainee




HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana

Job Type

Full-time, Contract, Fresher

Assessment type

Logic & Critical Thinking

Offered Salary

₹ 150,000.00 – ₹ 350,000.00 per year

Responsibilities and Duties

• Perform research tasks with a view to gathering data pertaining to industry, company and customer trends
• Analyze qualitative and quantitative data to uncover competition and industry information
• Assist business analysis teams in gathering and analyzing project requirements and transferring this information to other departments
• Evaluate pertinent data by performing a variety of task analysis and business processes
• Provide support to the business analysis team in preparing business plans and strategies
• Handle a range of project planning and coordination and information system analysis tasks
• Write technical reports and manuals for the benefit of end users
• Perform evaluation on newly set up system resources
• Develop detailed reports on market research initiatives and provide ideas on how this research fits into current projects
• Work with key business group leaders to identify and evaluate upcoming business opportunities
• Assist the marketing department in developing marketing material with a view to supporting the company’s marketing strategies
• Provide support to the promotional team by organizing and creating awareness programs
• Design workflow charts and write requirements for system changes
• Implement modifications to existing projects in a bid to improve systems
• Assist business analysis teams in monitoring project processes and resolving issues along the way
• Write and publish progress reports, identify project milestones and recommend needed modifications
• Assist the communication department in developing a rapport with existing and new customers with a view to increasing sales
• Address any data discrepancy issues across all open projects to the management

Position Requirements :

Excellent verbal and written communication skillsAction oriented and seizes opportunities
Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Quickly grasps new concepts when faced with unfamiliar tasks
Technical Aptitude and skill set
Good business acumen and business process knowledge
Effectively utilizes time and organizes priorities well

Full time or part time internships available.