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Zoho One ​

An organisation will Achieve

See How Purolite benfited from Zoho one

Cost Savings

We saved $100,000 annually by eliminating inefficient legacy software and hardware.

Enhanced Dashboards

We can able to upload data for analysis and produce reports more quickly and easily, with an automatic audit trail. Previously, two administrators spent 20 percent of their time producing weekly reports.

Avoid Expences

Now we can able to circumvent the extra time and big expenses required to create its own IT solution

Improved productivity

administrators were able to save more than 800 hours annually from improvements to workflow with automated reporting systems.

Easy Integration

With Easy integration between Each and every department with Zoho products Our Work became Easy

Increased Revenue by 48%

With the Integrated Zoho one Implementation We has improved our Sales Teams Productivity that leads to increase in Revenue by 48% with in 3 months of Implementation

Just Tools don't grow your Business,
Experts will


Dance Studio-Alexe Nowakowski
We need Real time Dashboard with complete control over business in one application.
10XBiZ is an incredible value for the money. With over 40 apps, Zoho One does it all. While some apps have more features than others, we found this solution to integrate well with other tools and never ran into limited functionality. We had pleasant experiences with their support team.
Video Production-Brian Aiken
Integrate and Optimize my Accounts and need a streamlined business with cost effective pricing
10XBiZ succeed in improving my Client Relationships and automate processes, saving firm time and cost effective pricing asbefore we used to pay 18000$ for salesforce but now we are paying 1800€ that can be better spent elsewhere with Zoho and have 10times many apps. I got the best support from 10xBiz, within the implementation of different Zoho products and integration between them made simple with complete Zoho one. Now we can implementation we can able to get instant reports within a short span of time.
B2B Solutions-Praveen Syal
As a Business Person I felt a lot of complications regarding the technology i have used different software's for my works but it became difficult to manage all those. and i felt too costly for all these software 
I enjoyed with 10XBiZ that Zoho has easy to use tabs to keep track of different aspects of sales! Accounts, contacts, all in an easy to find tab. I think that Zoho has a good overall feel to it. it does not slow down my computer much. it is easy to use as a young kid, but also the older sales guys do not have a problem with it. i think that my company is happy with the product and do not plan on changing. 

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