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42% of the businesses failed to achieve their goals even after having a fancy CRM
The reasons are simple
  • Lack of clear and measurable goals of business
  • Poor CRM implementation strategy
  • Improper training to the team
  • Poor business process design
-Forbes Survey on Reasons for SMEs Failure (Dated 28th Dec 2018) 
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How can an Expert Guidance can Boost your Sales and Revenue

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Traditional Process
10x Automated Process
Zoho Knowledge
With Expert CRM Implementation You Can Improve Leads to Sale Ratio from 6.3% to 23%

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28% Sales growth within first "Three Months"

Right Business Decisions with advanced Dashboard Integrations

Complete Control over the business and Workflow

What you can get the most out of expert CRM implementation

Our Revenue Generated CRM Implementation Roadmap

Typical zoho consultant approach

10xBiZ Approach

Creates a cycle of dependency, so you “don’t churn” and they get the largest possible retainer from you.

Focuses on training your team and helping your people grow so you don’t have be dependent on an agency forever.

The consultant creates your content in a silo, often lacking the tone and expertise of your company.

Aligns your entire organization around a culture of educational content, leading you to become the most trusted voice in your industry and the go-to resource prospects turn to when they have questions.

Your sales team is rarely, if ever included, leading to a missed opportunity to use their wealth of customer knowledge to create shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.

Works inclusively with your sales department to integrate content and video into their process through a proven system called “assignment selling,” leading to significant improvements in close rates and revenue.

Your team never gain the full control over how to use your own sales and marketing tools of Zoho. In too many cases, companies are investing tens of thousands of dollars in technology and are only using a fraction of its capabilities.

Through training and guidance, you become a master of your marketing tools, like Zoho, resulting in a much greater return on spend, and less dependency on your agency.

Consult Our Zoho Expert and Get

Throught evaluation, Identifying Critical Problems


Throughtly Audit your Internal System of Sales, Customer Engagement, Marketing, Support


Identify your Business Challenges with Existing System


Provide the action plan regarding Business Growth & Business Structure


Answer any Queries you may have Regarding Automation


Recommendations for Best Practices with no Charges

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What You Can Get from 10XBiZ Revenue Driven Approach

  • Business Gap Analysis
  • Right Implementation
  • Right Training
  • Handholding and Support

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