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Getting a new CRM tool for your business can definitely help in your team becoming more productive and efficient. These days services provided by companies which prove to be superb CRM consulting & Implementation partner, help in effective and proper customisation and implementation of solutions. For smooth transitioning and before you start reaping the profits of your new tool it is important that you take care of some tips and ensure that your business is up and running in no time :

1. Get employees involved in the decision

It is essential that you let your employees know in advance, that you are implementing a new CRM in your business and you want their advice and inputs on which one to buy. Get them to speak their mind and take ideas on what features are essential for them. You can even ask them their preferred personal software like Outlook or Google apps. It won’t be possible for you to entertain each and every request yet by taking ideas from your employees will make them feel important in such decision and they would ultimately look forward to work on the new tool. 

2. One on One training will do the work 

Even if you offer great incentives the employees may still find the transition to CRM and working on the new tool complicated and challenging. The reason is that they have no proper training to use the software, but these complications can be avoided by providing them specific and one on one training instead of training them as a group. A training like this will help the employees know their specific role. You can even show the customer service representatives on the proper use of ticket management system. Zoho consulting partner make such trainings effortless. 

3. Proper planning of the transition

Planning of the CRM transition is the first and foremost step that is required for an effective and smooth start to the process. Although some systems already possess built-in tools that are constructed in order to bring in large amounts of data in an easy manner. In certain cases where a native tool exists in your new product it may still be required to supplement it with a third-party tool. Thus it is crucial that you choose the best tools for each of the intel which you want to move. A Zoho consulting partner will ease the planning process. 

4. Deadline Set Up

After you have figured out what all needs to happen, start on picking up dates on which you can start and finish up your CRM transition. It is also advisable to draft on how long the whole process will take suppose you are using an instinctive import tool the transition process will take few hours and in case you are migrating your entire company’s customer base into a new system then expect a longer time frame. Base CRM implementations take around four weeks and may be less depending on the team size and how complex is the project. Companies like 10xbiz can be your  Zoho consulting partner, they are helping in providing industry with suitable CRM softwares that complement their businesses.

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